About Me

A Southern lady living in metro Atlanta, enjoying the view and the journey. Lover of music of (almost) all genres, a good cup of coffee, an interesting book, a walk outside, a rich piece of chocolate, and time alone with God and His Word.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Rhonda, we have so much in common. I’m a daughter of the deep south, transplanted to Texas. I’m not sure how you felt about Denver, but I’m not in love with TX at all after three years.Texas is a whole other world in every definition. I would love to go home, but I’m making the best of it. If I were forced to lose one of my senses it wouldn’t be hearing, as I can’t imagine a world without music (most genres). I love to read and walk and rich chocolate cake is my go to dessert. My motto is it’s not worth the fat or calories if it isn’t chocolate! I have moved away from time with the Bible and church for many reasons. I’m sure none of them are good or acceptable, but it’s the truth. I’m looking forward to your series. Beth

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